Security Services

The Network Engineers at FCS have years of experience in making networks of all sizes as secure and productive as possible.  Most of our clients are shocked at the performance and resource killing software applications installed on their workstations.  

FCS's approach to network security includes:

checkmark Antivirus/Antispyware - FCS offers the best products currently available to combat productivity robbing malware.  Our network management software constantly monitors all workstations (this includes those on the network, remote offices or travelling from hotel to hotel) to verify appropriate protection is installed and updates are applied.

Managed Firewall - Some companies have a firewall but nobody to manage it.  Without proper management and configuration, a firewall is of little value.  FCS customers can rest easy knowing their firewall is providing the protection it was intended to.

checkmark Antispam - Through our partnership with Microsoft, FCS offers the best antispam product on the market.  Rather than allowing spam to be delivered to your server and being cleaned there (as most products do), our solution cleans all spam and viruses from your email BEFORE it reaches your email server.  

checkmark Network Monitoring - FCS utilizes network monitoring agents that constantly monitor the health of your network.  Should an issue arise, our network engineering staff is immediately notified.  In many cases we know your having a network issue, and are working on it, before you even call.

Application Monitoring - FCS monitors your network and workstations and alerts our engineers if software is installed on a workstation that can expose your network to productivity loss or outside intrusion.  We can even "blacklist" these applications and automatically uninstall them if found again.  

checkmark Acceptable Use Policies - FCS will assist you with creating an acceptable use policy for your company.  Making sure all technology resource users are aware of what is and isn't allowed is the first step in securing your network. 
Web Monitoring/Filtering - Ever wonder how much time your sales staff is spending on non-business related websites?  You're not alone!  While the internet has completely changed the way many companies do business and opened doors to sales channels never before available, non-business related use can quickly erode productivity and profits.  We work with you to determine what should  and what shouldn't be allowed on your network. 



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